E-cigarettes Dangerous for Pregnant Women

by Jenny Novac on June 17, 2015

Pregnant Woman

Newest study made in the USA revealed that 50% of pregnant women considered that e-cigarettes do not contain nicotine, therefore they did not know that e-cigarettes are addictive.  They also believed that use of those devices causes no harm to their fetus.

In the sudy participated 316 pregnant women and half of them turned to be unaware about dangers of e-cigarettes. In fact, up to date no study showed safety of e-cigarettes and mostly experts talk about their dangers.

One of study authors is Victoria Coleman-Cowger and she says that though e-cigarettes are becoming popular among smokers, still most of them know less about those devices. The study was published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine.

Coleman-Cowger, the principal research scientist at Battelle Public Health Center for Tobacco Research in Baltimore, Maryland explained that the study was made with the aim to see what pregnant women know about those devices, how often they use them and why they use them.

For the study there were selected 316 pregnant women from a University of Maryland outpatient clinic where they were treated. Then they anonymously answered to a survey questions about their smoking habits in past, knowledge about effects of smoking e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes, and their general attitude toward e-cigarettes.

13% of surveyed women told they used e-cigarettes in past while 2% told they are using them regularly in present. 3 of 4 women confessed they use e-cigarettes because consider they are safe. Almost the same number told they use e-cigarettes to quit.
57% of all pregnant women considered that e-cigarettes have nicotine, 61% supposed they can be addictive, 43% believed they are less harmful.

The study points out that e-cigarettes are harmful, especially for pregnant women and their fetus, therefore they should not use them.

Bad news is that in the USA electronic cigarettes are not regulated and there was made a little research on their effects on human body.

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