Enjoy Smoking without Killing Yourself

by Jenny Novac on July 19, 2011
Janty cigarette

Janty cigarette

Have you ever thought about a chargeable cigarette? Whenever you need a smoke just plug it in charger for a couple of minutes and then smoke for hours. Janty is that kind of cigarette. It’s chargeable, fashionable and harmless. Janty cigarette can be a finest alternative instead of the common tobacco and nicotine filled cigarettes.

According to a research it has been proved that adults can quit smoking under the extensive care of a physician. That can be the possibility in a few cases but if we take example of smoking addicts. I am talking about those who know that smoking is killing them but still they can’t survive without smoking … that’s next to impossible for them to leave smoking. Even they can leave eating/drinking but NOT smoking. And for those Janty cigarette is the best solution. It comes in different flavors with a very little amount of nicotine as compared to other cigarettes and you can enjoy smoking without even killing yourself.

It’s a good thing if you are not inhaling the smoke but that smoke can still affect your gums and jaws somehow. So why not puff a Janty cigarette, with various flavors and being harmless.  Janty cigarettes are the only e-ciggs which symbolize the latest technology of micro vaporizers.  If I’m not wrong, you can smoke it even in those places where smoking is not allowed because it don’t have ash and the smoke don’t bother others.

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  • Immy says:

    That is completely right. So many smokers have converted to Electronic Cigarettes. They make life much more easier. No harm to yourself or others, no ash, no burning. Simple and slick to use. `Janty` looks like a good quality E-Cig.

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