Fiji visited by smokers no longer

by Jenny Novac on April 23, 2013

Smoking in Fiji public places such as restaurants will be banned starting with July 1st

A $1,000 fine will be held if a business in Fiji breaks the new rule, which was incorporated according to the Tobacco Control Regulation of 2012.

Fiji Bungalows

Smoking in Fiji will be banned starting with July this year

Graphic warning labels will be places on cigarette packaging beginning with July, as outlined by the Fiji Broadcasting Company.

Rajeshwar Singh, British American Tobacco corporate manager, states that the new law has significant effects on their income.

“The smoking ban has a negative influence on income as there is no exemption business owners have to conform, and so as to conform they need to modify the cigarette packaging label, and resulting from that, there is price associated to that.”

Additionally according to the Tobacco Control Regulations 2012 – any workplace where the public has access also turns into a smoke-free place. This comprises stairways, passageways, entrances and the foyer.

Bus stations, Internet shops and even water transports also are no-smoking areas beginning with July.

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