FLAVOR Cigarettes Exhibition

by Jenny Novac on January 18, 2013

Flavor is the element of a set up line designed to show people a certain idea by means of the typography and present how it could connect and represent outside of the normal screen and print based forms.

Flavor was produced using more than 4,000 cigarettes that mean the word flavor. The cigarettes are half smoked displaying the nicotine in them; as a whole, it is 24″ H x 48″ W in size. Flavor was created to criticize the tobacco industry for advertising cigarette products that are harmful to people’s health and to reveal the dishonest character of marketing by transforming companies’ messages into their opposite of their advertising goal.

Flavor is presently being Exhibited at The Museum for the Printing Arts Leipzig, Germany as element of their Exhibition “Typography in Contemporary Art”.

The goal of this event is to demonstrate the ubiquitous presence of lettering in life and its impact on public perception. Typography and lettering regarding art start quite a new viewpoint to the topic – for laymen, art connoisseurs, as well as professionals in graphic design.

Cigarettes Pile

Some cigarettes

Arranged cigarettes

Arranged cigarettes

Flavor Part

A part of Flavor

Flavor Piece

Flavor made from cigarettes

Off-the-shelf Flavor


Flavor Exhibition

Flavor at the exhibition

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