Frankfurt airport is smoker and non-smoker friendly

by Jenny Novac on August 13, 2012

In accordance with The Moodie Report, the first absolutely enclosed and ventilated smoking lounge was opened in Frankfurt airport. The smoking lounge was created under the initiative of the leading international tobacco company Japan Tobacco International.

The size of the facility is 65 square meters and is located in the airport’s B-East terminal. The lounge was decorated with the elements of Camel cigarettes. It is due to be followed soon by 9 more smoking lounges covering an area of just under 1,000 square meters.

Camel Smoking Lounge

JTI’s Camel Smoking Lounge in Frankfurt Airport

David Francis, general manager and vice president of JTI’s Worldwide Duty Free business, said that over 55 million passengers use services of Frankfurt airport a year and, as the company considers, at least 12 million of them can be smokers. According to David Francis, the smoking lounge will be a world-class customer service facility that can essentially improve the traveler’s experience at the airport.

The smoking facility suggests a lot of advantages to smokers. Adult smoking people can use all of them. The lounge is a specially dedicated, cosy, purpose-built facility where smokers can light up and puff away. The facility was specially designed in order not to affect non-smokers who are within measurable distance of the room.

Not so long ago this year, 5 ventilated smoking lounges were officially opened in Dubai International airport’s 3 terminals, according to a DFNI Online story.

At that time, David Francis declared that today Japan Tobacco International possesses more than 300 ventilated airport smoking lounges worldwide, and that the company intends to increase the number of smoking rooms, expanding into new regions and airports.

David Francis said that now more than 20 percent of adult people who use airport services are smokers and their choice of airports depends on the fact whether this or that airport can provide smoking facilities to them.

Francis added that the opportunity to provide state-of-the-art smoking rooms to travelers is obviously a competitive benefit for the airports. Japan Tobacco is ready to partner with them.

Francis expressed his opinion saying that the smoking rooms would encourage smokers to shop by encouraging them to arrive at the airport earlier than they otherwise might.

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