Gerry Collins Encouraged 100,000 People to Quit

by Jenny Novac on June 23, 2014

Gerry Collins

Gerry Collins is not only famous Dublin football player but an Irish anti-smoking activist who suffered from lung cancer. His activism encouraged 100,000 people to quit smoking once and forever. Now his daughter continues his cause and encourages smokers to quit and non-smokers not to start at all.

Gerry Collins in 2008 treated his throat cancer but in 2013 was diagnosed with lung cancer. In March current year de died.

In January 2013 he became the face of a Health Service Executive (HSE) campaign. Cancer changed his way of thinking and life. He wanted to make something good and that is the reason why he accepted the proposition to participate in the anti-smoking campaign. The campaign  managed to encourage 100,000 people in Ireland to try to quit smoking.

The representative of the HSB told that since the beginnig of campaign in January 2013 around 100,000 smokers have tried to quit smoking.

Recently there was released a short documentary film about last days of Gerry Collins. The film shows a real man who suffered from smoking and aims to influence smokers.

In 2011 Gerry Collins participated in HSE anti-smoking campaign, during which he told about his successful battle against throat cancer.

Ciara, his daughter, is very proud that her dad encouraged so many people to quit smoking. She says that the newly made short film is worth watching and everyone (especially people who love cigarettes) should watch it in order to understand what smoking is.

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