Hamilton: I’m struggling to quit tobacco

by Jenny Novac on August 15, 2012

Texas Rangers All-Star Josh Hamilton made an announcement that he intends to give up chewing tobacco.

American professional baseball player Josh Hamilton, who has said about being naughty to the Lord, but could not explain the details, on August 3 gave a reason what he had done.


The Texas Rangers player Josh Hamilton

According to Hamilton, he has had a problem quitting his smokeless tobacco habit.

Hamilton released a statement that he has an “issue” was with discipline — professionally at the plate and personally with giving up chewing tobacco.

Hamilton said that he was not fully assured to take up the tobacco once again as it’s a problem that he has fought with trying to stop smoking in the past.

Hamilton added that he wanted to be successive before addressing it again openly but he felt he hasn’t been given that choice with all of the speculating out there as to what the ‘mystery issue’ was.

Recently when Hamilton carried on a conversation with the media, the baseball player spoke at a problematic issue when he said that “There’s disobedience and there’s obedience to God.” He said that he has been being naughty. It is a big thing to the Lord and there are consequences.

Hamilton denied to develop the theme at that time but assured that he would make strong efforts and talk about the issue later.

A member of the Texas Rangers tried to give up using smokeless tobacco at the end of June, choosing to try toothpicks coated in tea-tree oil.

Hamilton’s success, who is a five-time MLB All-Star, dropped in June and July. He hit .223 in June and only .177 in July as in a word he was fallen from the No. 3 spot in the batting order.

Hamilton had 4 RBI on August 2 in the Rangers’ 15-9 win over the Angels, giving him 10 RBI during the homestand.

Immediately after the game, he cast away rumors about what might be happening on in his life.

He said that frequently people do not want to understand; he’ll explain more later. “The question is not in that my marriage is breaking down and people are trying to estimate what’s happening, but it has nothing to do with them.”

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