Health Impacts of Thirdhand Smoke

by Jenny Novac on February 3, 2014

When the talk is about secondhand smoke, people may feel it in the air, but thirdhand smoke is a disguised threat. What is thirdhand smoke? This is invisible remnant of tobacco smoke that remains on different surfaces. A recent study found that thirdhand smoke is connected to a number of health problems.

Smoking Man

Rsearchers from the University of California-Riverside (UCR) found that in the entire world tobacco smoke affects almost 1.5 billion smokers and billions of people are affected by exposure to tobacco smoke, Researchers say that it is not enough to protect kids from secondhand smoke because thirdhand smoke also has negative effects.

Previously there was made a research which demonstrated that kids living with parents who smoke cigarettes in their homes are absent from school 40 percent more days than kids whose parents are non-smokers. Another study found that secondhand smoke exposure is connected to hospital readmission for kids suffering from asthma.

The recent research showed that thirdhand smoke left on surfaces is very toxic. The authors of the research claim that second and thirdhand smoke are as harmful as firsthand smoke.  The  thirdhand smoke is dangerous not only for smokers but for thse who do not smoke.

The researchers studied the thirdhand smoke effects on mice, paying their attention to organ systems under conditions that simulated thirdhand smoke exposure of people, After mice were exposed to thirdhand smoke, researchers found increased lipid levels and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which is an indication of cirrhosis, cardiovascular disease, cancer. Also researchers observed poor healing of wounded skin and exhibited hyperactive behavior.

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