Heroine to feature anti-smoking advertisement

by Jenny Novac on September 11, 2012

Bollywood director Madhur Bhandarkar declared that his forthcoming film Heroine will show an anti-smoking advertisement. Such declaration was made due to the new rules on smoking scenes in the films.

In recent times, the Centre informed the Supreme Court that it was establishing a new announcement to control smoking episodes in films and TV programmes.


Indian actress Kareena Kapoor

The announcement would permit the smoking scenes with established warnings alongside. As well, the film will provide anti-smoking promos that will last 20 second at the beginning and again after the interval.

Bhandarkar told media that they introduce new smoking rules and Kareena will address the warning at the beginning and as well for the interval part.

Kareena said that she has recorded her voice for the beginning of the film. For the interval she will be doing it soon. She added that she is delighted with this.

The title track of Heroine was introduced on September 7. Kareena said that this track is for the classes, while Halkat jawani that is as well played in the film is for masses.

As the film launches on September 21, Kareena is quite excited but declares that she has not established any box office target. She said that they have not set any target, they want people to see the film and enjoy it. They are very delighted about it. They are eager to know about the fate of the film.

Kareena said that Saif Ali Khan, her actor beau, is as well delighted about Heroine. “He is very excited. He loved the promos. He is very supportive,” she said.

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