Hospital Discharge a Perfect Time to Quit

by Jenny Novac on August 20, 2014

Quit Smoking

A study revealed that a specially developed program may help smokers to quit after they were discharged from hospital, because that is a perfect time for quitting.

In the course of the study patients received free quit-smoking drugs. Besides this, the experimental program included automated phone calls created to manage their drugs, encourage their quitting efforts and track their needs for additional help.

According to Dr. Peter Spiegler, director of the medical intensive care unit at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola, during hospitalization patients are not allowed to smoke their cheapest cigarettes, therefore it may be a good start for a further healthy living. But in this case patients do need a special help. However,  Spiegler did not participate into the present study.

The author of the study is Dr. Nancy Rigotti from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. In the study participated 400 patients of an average age of 53 who wanted to quit smoking after hospitalization. Half of these patients agter hospiyalization just went home, while other part was enrolled into quit-smoking program.

In 6 months 26% of patients in the program had quit smoking, in comparison with 15% of smokers who did not participate in program. The results of the study were published this week in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  Totally 71% of patients kept from cigarettes for a period of six months. The researchers told that the measure appears to be effective.

According to  Spiegler, hospitalization gives the patients a wonderful opportunity to try to quit, because they are in the hospital with an acute disease and in some cases it may be linked to smoking. In this case doctors say them not to smoke, and here is very important to involve them into smoking cessation program.

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