How to Add More Menthol to a Cigarette

by Jenny Novac on September 24, 2012

You can modify the amount of menthol in your menthol cigarette by pressing the “crush” cigarette’s filter, sprinkling light menthol oil or putting a little bit of menthol liquid on a pre-made menthol or regular tobacco cigarette. On the other hand, you can make your own menthol cigarettes. Such cigarettes can be made of menthol cigarette tubes and filters. Just add menthol to the raw tobacco and then roll into cigarette papers. You can use one or various methods in order to add menthol to a cigarette. Try different ways in order to get your desired taste.

Lucky Strike Menthol

Menthol-flavored cigarette


1. Take a pre-made regular or menthol cigarette in one hand or put it aflat on a clean, dry surface. Take an open bottle of menthol oil and insert it equally on the paper where unfiltered section of the cigarette is. Let the mist to penetrate for a minute. Burn your cigarette and modify the menthol flavor. If you want to get taste to be more menthol, make the process again until satisfied. However, there is one more variant – put some drops of menthol oil into a dropping pipette and insert the oil in your cigarette be the way as it was with the mist.2. Buy menthol tobacco. It can be only one bag. Put the tobacco into a specially designed slot in a cigarette rolling machine. Insert menthol mist or add some menthol oil to the tobacco. Let it dry for some minutes and after that pass the cigarette paper in the rolling machine and make the cigarette. Burn a cigarette and try its flavor. If you want the taste to be richer, put the menthol to the cigarette papers.3. Buy a cigarette injection machine, tobacco with a menthol taste and menthol-flavored cigarette tubes. Place the tobacco into the machine slot and ram it. Put the cigarette unfiltered end on the machine nozzle. Insert the tobacco into the tube. The tobacco and tubes with menthol taste may give enough taste. However, if you want richer flavor, add menthol oil to the tobacco before inserting it into the tube.4. Squeeze the menthol bead in the filter of a cigarette such as Kent Convertibles or Lucky Strike Click&Roll. These cigarettes have a small menthol bubble in the filter. Before squeezing they taste like a non-menthol cigarette. When you squeeze them, the cigarette smoke provides a strong, smooth menthol taste.


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