How to Discover Your Favorite Cigarette Brand

by Jenny Novac on September 13, 2012

Are you frequently disappointed with different cigarette brands? You do not know what your favorite brand is or if you like ultra, light or regular cigarettes to smoke. So, read carefully this point-by-point guide to reveal how to be pleased with your cigarettes.

Cigarette Brands

Most popular cigarette brands

1. Ask your smoking friends for cigarette reviews. Ask your best friend who is a smoker to suggest you certain brand of cigarettes according to his preferences. Be sure, your friend will give you a good advice. In addition, you can find cigarette reviews on the internet and find recommendations on cigarette brands. There are actually majority of cigarette brands that are known worldwide such as Marlboro, Camel, Winston and many more! You can even smoke flavored cigarettes. Such cigarettes are available in tobacco stores in various flavors. Choose about 5 of your favorite brands and try them.

2. Decide what taste of tobacco smoke do you like? This is the next step to determine what taste of cigarette smoke you like. There are cigarettes with Ultra Light, Light, Regular, Heavy, Smooth tastes. Just decide what you’re really looking for in a cigarette.

3. Buy selected brands of cigarettes. Buy selected cigarette brands in a cigarette shop. You can find tobacco shops in most malls or at the gas station.

4. Go to your place of choice to smoke. Get there and light up first cigarette and smoke it. After smoking it, ask yourself “Was it good?” and “If I could say some thing about it, what it will be?”

5. Light a cigarette when the time is right. Everyone has a smoking routine whether it is ever 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours. You should wait in order not taste previous cigarette smell, so you can have that fresh start with testing a new cigarette.

6. Smoke that cigarette and repeat the previous step. Be sure that you are taking a cigarette from every pack and that pack is a different brand. In order to remember taste of each cigarette brand, write down how good it was and what do you think about it. This will help you to make a decision.

7. A day after, determine which cigarette brand was the best. Sometimes this is a difficult decision as some people find all cigarettes taste alike.

8. Continue to buy the cigarette brand. Every time you need a pack of cigarettes, at least you know which one you want and which one works for you!

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