How To Prevent Children From Smoking

by Jenny Novac on August 26, 2013

cigarette smoke

Check out next tips which will help you to prevent your children from smoking.

1.Tell your children about tobacco dangers as often as you may. It is important to keep talking about it over the years. Little kids also understand that smoking is bad.

2. Discuss the subject in a gentle way without making your kid fear judgment and punishment.

3. Find out what your children find attractive and unattractive in smoking. In all discussions be a patient listener.

4. Encourage your children to make sports which prohibits smoking.

5, Discuss ways to reply when friends propose to smoke cigarettes. It is good to say firmly No and feel confident. Perfect alternative phrases are “I hate the way it makes me look.” and “It will make my clothes and breath smell bad” or “I hate the way it makes me look.”

6, Encourage children to avoid friends who do not respect their reasons for not smoking.

7. Appreciate child’s right actions about smoking. Emphasize what they do right rather than wrong. Self-confidence is the best protection against pressure of friends.

8, Go to the cinema with your children, watch TV, read articles and books. It is good to compare images presented by mass media with what happens in reality.

9, Introduce rules in your family which do prohibit smoking and chewing tobacco in your house. Give children the explamation why it is important to follow the rules.

10. Show that you strongly appreciate your children’s ideas, views and opinions.

11. Explain how smoking affects children who start doing it at their early age. How does it affect their health and friendships? How do they have money to pay for other things they want?

If you feel smell of cigarettes from your child’s clothes, do not panic at once. Probably they tried just one cigarette or were hanging around with smoking friends. Ask them about it in a gentle and a friendly way.

How to define if your child is a regular smoker? Here are some major signs:

  • bad breath
  • coughing
  • decreased athletic performance
  • throat irritation
  • greater susceptibility to colds
  • hoarseness
  • shortness of breath


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