Is Aamir Khan Smoking Again?

by Jenny Novac on December 9, 2013

Aamir Khan, super star from Dhoom:3, said in 2011 that had stopped smoking, however, seems like he started smoking again…

Aamir Khan

Two years ago Aamir Khan quit smoking for good and probably his fans were as happy as his friends and family. As you know well, bad habits die hard, especially such as smoking. The statement is true for Aamir.

Recently there appeared information that the famous Bollywood actor is back to smoking cigarettes.

Seems like Aamir’s new film Dhoom:3 makes him feel stressed and that’s the main reason why he has started smoking again. It would never do to blame him for that as today Dhoom:3 is the most anticipated movie of the year.

Dhoom 3
In 2012 Aamir told that whenever his movie was close to release, he would get nervous and a cigarette could ease stress. Despite having a child Azad Rao Khan, he is back to puffing on cigarettes.

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