Is Barak Obama Smoking Again?

by Jenny Novac on June 10, 2015

This week, a spokesman for Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi uploaded a photo on Instagram where it is seen clearly that Obama holds a pack of cigarettes in his hand. The image sparked a new speculation that he started to smoke again, despite recommendations of his doctor who told the American President to get rid of it.

The photo was made last weekend when there took place G7 summit in Germany. It shows Obama standing with Renzi on a balcony and having a serious talk. Mister Obama is holding a pack of cigarettes and seems like he is preparing to take one out and light it up!

Barak Obama Smoking

You may say that he may hold something else, for example, chewing gum. But we will ask you in return why to go out to chew a gum?

The White House did  comment the photograph. It is unknown if Renzi is a smoker or not.

Obama started smoking in his teenage and in 2010 told he quit. In 2011 Michelle Obama told he was not using tobacco almost a year.

In recent years, Barak Obama was noted for many times with chewing gum, including when being at official important meetings.

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