Is McConaughey Cool When Smokes a Cigarette?

by Jenny Novac on February 19, 2014

McConaughey Smoking

Do you watch TV-series True Detective? Oh, yeah, it is cool! Some people like it so much that they do re-watch it over and over again. However, others think that McConaughey is bad in the role of Detective Rust Cohle. To note that in this  TV-series the actor plays the young detective who experiences the events and older one who tells all this story and smokes discount cigarette.

Sam Adams says that there is something in this smoking. People who smoked in past and see him in that movie may want to smoke again. McConaughey makes more out of smoking a cigarette. According to comments, smoking must be a beautiful performance and McConaughey must a little bit improve it. Do you agree with that?


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