Is Smoking Ban Working at SDSU?

by Jenny Novac on October 29, 2014

Smoking Student

At the beginning of the year, San Diego State University adopted a smoke-free policy which prohibits smoking on campus. The measure was taken in order to create a healthy environment on the university grounds.

Since its enforcement passed several months, but students and faculty staff say that they still feel tobacco smoke on the university campus.

Student Amanda Snow says she saw smokers not only near the transit station, but also she saw several smokers when she went from the bridge to the dorms. She disliked that cloud of tobacco smoke but could do nothing about it. Also students say that common areas for smoking are former smoking zones, the koi pond, parking lots.

Bertha Hernandez, Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies Administrative Coordinator, also frequently comes across smokers in these places and says they are tring to hide. For example, when she saw a smoker in Parking Structure 8, he was hiding behind the elevator.

In order to implement the smoke-free policy, the SDSU decided to use community communication method on its website. The webpage describes how you should act when you see a smoker on prohibited area on campus.

What students think about this method? Peter Frost, student at business management, says that these methods are working not for everyone, because some people are too shy to approach a smoker and ask him to stop.

Another student Angela told that when people are not directly affected by tobacco smoke, they just say nothing to smokers. Or when a student sees a group of smokers, he may just be afraid to say them something.

Some students undersatnd that smoking is an addiction and it is not so easy to quit it, therefore they consider smokers have their right to use tobacco.

Those who inform smokers about smoke-free policy on the campus say that different smokers do react differently: some ignore it, some obey, but some are rude.

Experts say that though people are still smoking on campus, generally their number was reduced since the policy’s implementation. .

In case policy will not be working, there will be introduced punishments for those who will be seen violating the smoke-free policy.

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