It’s Stoptober! Quit Smoking Now!

by Jenny Novac on October 8, 2014


1. Understand why you began to smoke.
There are dufferent reasons why people start smoking cigarettes. These are stress, alcohol, friends who smoke. Understanding the reasons that make you want a cigarette, will help you to avoid these situations and further to refuse from tobacco use.

2. Find better quit smoking tools for you
Nicotine replacement therapy helps greatly to cut the cravings. Nicotine products are available in patches, gums, sweets, inhalers. Choose the one you like most.

3. Indentify and control your triggers
It will help you to manage it effectively. Always have with you a nicitine replacement product to use it when you will have a craving.

4. Find someone who wants to join Stoptober
It is always better when you have a like-minded person behind you who also tries to quit smoking just like you, because you share quit smoking tips, advice and support.

5. Tell your friends and family about  your desire to quit
It is very important to receive support from relatives. For social smokers it is an influential factor, especially in case they got used to have smoke breaks together with them. Avoid passive smoking, because it will be a great temptation for you to join the smoking company.

6. Make a list of reasons why you should quit
Placing the list in a conspicuous place will keep you on track and prevent you from lighting up. The list will always remind you about your goals.

7. Learn to deal with stress
There are different ways to deal with stress. For example, yoga and meditation. Find a good book about dealing with stress and read it.

8. Put the money you are saving from buying cigarettes aside
This will help you to see how much money you have saved from buying Camel cigarettes online. Buy on these money something for you.

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