It’s Time for Disney to Ban Smoking

by Jenny Novac on November 13, 2012

If you are preparing to have fun time at Disney’s shopping district known as “Downtown Disney,” you are best recommended to bring a gas mask.

Downtown Disney

Disney’s shopping district

While Disney has sometimes enacted “no smoking” policy at its parks and resort hotels, there is no such real policy at its very popular “Downtown Disney” and “Westside” shopping regiona which is an attractive place.

This makes no sense, unless Disney is so troubled about insulting travelers who must smoke that profit has become second to common sense. There is no reasonable cause that smoking should be good in a place full of children content over their Cinderella dress or Buzz Lightyear helmut. But unfortunately, this is the case.

For every five children who are breathless from excitement, there is apparently an overweight traveler who is breathless from asthma.

Downtown Disney is the property of Disney. That means that Disney can establish the rules — the same way it establishes rules in its parks. While it does not have the power the circumvent Florida state law, it completely has the power to increase the bar by stating “you may not smoke while on our property.”

Disney as well has the authority to fine violators, which it states to do in its parks. If resistant to fine, Disney could change a violation into an educational event — by directing a smoker to “GuantanaMickey Bay” where they must see an animated film oftentimes about the risks of smoking. Possibly this could be observed by a hearing in front of a tribunal of Mickey, Goofy and Donald Duck.

Unfortunately, the miracle of Disney is being changed by the smell of cigarette and cigar smoke, and it removes what should be a remarkable experience. It also brings about a discussion of hypocrisy. On Disney’s cable channels, the ideas of health, physical fitness and nutrition are repeated in apparently every animated and real life show. But on Disney property, it’s evidently okay to expose children to smokers walking with plastic cups of beer in the middle of the day. How is this appropriate for a organization that created the movie “Wall-E,” supporting the idea that fresh air, greenery, eating well and looking after yourself are essential to the future of society?

Disney should do the right thing once and for all, to all of its property tobacco-free, with designated and separated smoking places for those who smoke.

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