Japan Tobacco International’s Products

by Jenny Novac on July 31, 2012


Japan Tobacco International produces cigarettes in 24 countries all over the world. The tobacco leaf for cigarettes JTI takes from over 50 countries.

The tobacco company uses three main tobacco varieties in order to manufacture cigarettes – Virginia, burley and oriental. Each tobacco type is grown and cured by thousands of farmers worldwide.

Cig Package

Opened cigarette pack

Every brand of cigarettes possesses the high quality and special taste. Cigarettes may include many different sources and grades of tobacco leaf. In order to be sure that every time the right blend is achieved, JTI selects tobacco leaf permanently from many different suppliers and countries.

Cigarette portfolio of JTI consists of eight Global Flagship Brands and more than 60 other cigarette brands that they sell regionally.


Cigars are made of whole tobacco leaf and filler. Tobacco leaf is used as the outer wrapper and filler consist of bunches of leaves. Binders – additional leaves – are used to hold the tobacco fillers together.


Various cigars

The tobacco company sells both hand- and machine-made cigars to over 20 markets around the world.

In order to obtain the desired tobacco flavors, fillers of different strengths are blended together. Then cigars are dried in a conditioning room to ensure they have the correct level of moisture. After that packing process begins.

The major cigar brand of JTI is Hamlet. It is manufactured at the company’s factory in Lisnafillan, Northern Ireland.

Rolling tobacco

Rolling tobacco is fine-cut tobacco packed in loose form in pouches. Such tobacco is used to make ‘roll-your-own’ cigarettes by means of rolling papers.

Rolling Tobaccos

Rolling tobacco for cigarettes

Filters should be placed with tobacco in the rolling paper.

Nowadays rolling tobacco is considered to be of the same high standards as cigarettes with equal consideration being given to creating quality blends of particular aroma and flavor.


Traditionally snus is used in Scandinavia. The tobacco company manufactures authentic snus in a dedicated factory in Sweden.

Snus Pouches

Snus pouches

Snus is a tobacco product that is not intended for smoking, but putting in the mouth between the lip and the gum to allow flavors to disperse slowly. Snus is made of blended tobaccos, pure water, salt and essential oils. JTI produces snus to bring consumers a unique range of products.

A high-tech factory that is based on traditional Swedish know-how manufactures both loose and portioned snus.

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