Jennifer Lopez Smoking in New Video

by Jenny Novac on September 24, 2014

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez released resently a new video for the single, Booty. The video arised a lot of critics from fans because they found it too sexually explicit.

Booty features young rapper Iggy Azalea and they toghter are showing their bodies. Lopez is wearing an extremely sexy body suit which uncovers most parties of her body!

In the last scene she smokes a cigarette and this disappointed her fans, because they consider she shows a bad example for young generation. Today smoking is accepted negatively by society and it seems strange she appears with a cigarette in the video. Probably, cigarettes still remain a glamorous attribute in modern socity and Lopez just wanted to add a little glamorous shine to her sexy look.

Last time she was caught smoking while filming in Lila & Eve.


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