Jerry Hall: I Smoke, I Drink, I Like Wine

by Jenny Novac on August 18, 2014

Jerry Hall

Health experts say that smoking, drinking and sunbathing accelerate aging. However, this cannot be attributed to famous American model and actress Jerry Hall. Recently in an inteview to Good Housekeeping magazine she told that she looks pretty good at her age due to alcohol, Vogue cigarettes and the sun.

“I am 58. That is pretty old, for God’s sake. I look pretty good for my age, and I am enjoying that.

“But I smoke, I drink, I like wine, I love sun tanning, I drink coffee. I am doing all sorts of things I shouldn’t do.”

Today Jerry Hall is the face of the charity campaign called Give Up Clothes For Good, which is created to gather clothing for poor people.

When Jerry is asked about her beauty, she says that her beauty is natural and she never uses Botox as she is against it:

“I am very against it. I think it looks silly – people with mean-looking eyebrows.”

She never makes sport, and the only physical activity she is involved in are sex, housework and gardening. She loves to make housework in her huge house consisting of 26 rooms.

Becoming older is a wonderful opportunity to relax for Jerry, because she is not stressed anymore and is not bothered about anything.

As to her private life, now she dates with Armand Leroi, who is  professor of evolutionary developmental biology at Imperial College London. Jerry Hall says they are very happy in their relationship. It should be said that one of her former husbands is Mick Jagger from the Rolling Stones.

Jerry Hall

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall

jerry hall and mick jagger

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