John Constantine not Allowed to Smoke in the New TV Series

by Jenny Novac on July 2, 2014

John Constantine

Neil Marshall, the English film director, confirmed that in upcoming TV series called  Constantine the main personage is not permitted to smoke cigarettes on TV.

Constantine is newest TV series based on comic series Hellblazer. The film will be shown on NBC and released on October 2014.

The main character is John Constantine and the role is played by Matt Ryan, who got blonde hair, crumpled suit and Scouse accent. However, NBC prohibited to show on TV the smoking habit of the main personage. In the original Hellblazer story John Constantine is a heavy smoker.

John Constantine

When is was announced that smoking habit is to be discussed with NBC, the producer David S. Goyer was assailed with questions about this. However, the negotiations failed because the film director Neil Marshall confirmed that in the new TV series John Constantine will not be a smoker. Generally, he remain frustrated about this and explained that the network does not allow smoking.

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