Johnny Depp Smokes Thousand Cigarettes Daily

by Jenny Novac on April 7, 2014

Johnny Depp, who played Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean, is one of most recognizable actors in Hollywood. There were times when he was a real bad boy enjoying alcohol and drugs with Kate Moss. It seemed like he came to an anchor when created a family with Vanessa Pradis. Seemed like he became good boy forever. However, the long-lasting relationship with amazing Vanessa came to an end like most relationships in Hollywood…

Johnny Depp is good both in blockbuster and art house films but till present days did not get any Oscar. This fact does not make him less cute, yeah?
Recently 50-year-old star confessed that he likes to smoke and he smokes thousand cigarettes a day! He told this in a conversation with punk rock legend Iggy Pop for Interview magazine which features Depp on the cover.

Johnny Depp in Interview Magazine

Iggy asked smoker Depp how many cigarettes he smoked on a daily basis, and Depp answered:

‘I’ll bet a thousand,’ Depp said playfully, adding, ‘I’m working my way up to ten thousand.’

Johnny Depp Smoking

Johnny Depp Smoking

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard


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