Josie Cunningham Wants to Quit Smoking

by Jenny Novac on June 25, 2014

Josie Cunningham

Pregnant model Josie Cunningham, told recently that she would consider giving up smoking in case the State would pay for it. Josie is 23 years old and she will give birth to her third child in two months. In spite of pregnancy she continues to smoke  20 Glamour cigarettes daily.

In a recent interview she told that she frequently uses those taxpayer-funded taxis on the school run, which costs around £6,000 a year, because she feels that people started to hate her after she made a free £4,800 breast operation. That is why she cannot use public transport anymore.

Pregnant lone mum, who worked as an escort girl in her past, said she managed to reduce her daily number of cigarettes from 40 to 20. However, in order to quit smoking completely she needs a professional advice from her GP.

She told in the interview to a newspaper: ‘It’s not illegal for me to smoke while pregnant’ and boasted of halving her £18 a day habit.’

She believes her doctor will help her to get rid of the smoking habit, but thinks that public will dislike that the state will fund public money for it. This week she wrote in her twitter: ‘Sticks and stone may break my bones but taxpayers will always fund me.’ This tweet infuriated people.  It should be said that smoking cessation advice, counselling, nicotine drugs and patches are available on the NHS, but at a cost to the taxpayer.

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