JTI making Pianissimo changes

by Jenny Novac on December 21, 2011
Pianissimo Slims

Pianissimo Slims Lights Menthol Fresh cigarettes

Japan Tobacco Inc. is redesigning seven of its Pianissimo packages, which will be rolled-out across Japan from mid-January.

Four of the variants will also undergo name changes, but there will be no changes to the flavor or aroma of any of the seven cigarettes.

Pianissimo is said to be the top-selling brand in the 100 mm slim menthol category.

The products that are being redesigned are: Pianissimo Aria Menthol (currently known as Pianissimo One), Pianissimo Pétil Menthol One, Pianissimo Fram Menthol, Pianissimo Precia Menthol (currently Pianissimo Super Slims Menthol One), Pianissimo Icene Gracia (currently Pianissimo Icene Menthol), Pianissimo Icene Crista (currently Pianissimo Icene Menthol One) and Pianissimo Lucia Menthol.

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