Katt Williams Flicking Cigarette into Woman’s Face

by Jenny Novac on December 5, 2012

The American actor Katt Williams was arrested by police in Seattle last weekend when he purportedly threw a lighted cigarette into a woman’s face.

Katt Williams

American comedian Katt Williams

This happened at the city’s World Sports Grille, where the comedian is also said to have created a general disturbance.

In accordance with various sources, Williams bothered a different patron at the bar and began threatening towards a manager with a pool cue. After that he rejected to get away from the building after being kicked out. He later threw a cigarette into the window of a car, striking a woman in the face and also hurtled a stone at the car.

Sources as well say that Williams opposed arrest upon the cops’ appearance. This is not the first time brush with the law for Williams, who as well directly evaded arrest in Sacramento after he was seen driving his three-wheeled motor bike on a pavement.

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