Katy Perry puffs on cigarette outside the cinema

by Jenny Novac on October 1, 2012

She was at the cinema to enjoy a movie with her good friends, but it seems Katy Perry was not thinking about the movie.

The American singer talked with two her girlfriends outside the cinema and was smoking a cigarette.

The smoking habit will not be helpful for the 27-year-old’s singing voice but she looked indifferent to this and got her nicotine confidently.

Smoking Katy Perry

Katy Perry smoking with her friends outside the cinema

As always the Firework singer attracted attention by means of a colorful ensemble when paparazzi caught her outside the famous Arclight movie theatre in Hollywood.

She wore a pretty floral mini dress which boasted a low-cut and showed off her ample cleavage, as well as her slim pins.

Katy tied her dark hair off her face in a bun to cope with the heat, and as well put on sunglasses and simple black ballet pumps.

The smoking celebrity was joined by her good friend, The Riches actress Shannon Woodward, as well as another girlfriend.

Katy Perry Smoking

Katy Perry holding a cigarette

It seemed that girls were having a great time as they laughed and enjoyed puffing away on their cigarettes.

During their smoke break Katy held a tub of popcorn in one hand and a burning cigarette in another.

The singer, along with the smoking, talked with a member of the cinema staff and signed up for free movie tickets.

Katy Perry Smoking

Katy Perry smoking a cigarette

Katy seemed to be in good spirits, and perhaps her good mood is connected with her new beau John Mayer. Perry and Mayer were seen on several events and last week Katy was spotted going out of John’s car after a dinner with him.

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