Kevin Durant Likes to Smoke Hookah

by Jenny Novac on September 25, 2013

Everyone who likes sports has his favorite athlete. It is great to watch his performances, see his successes and learn how he achieved that. We get interested in their personality, their life and with time they become an example for us and our children. Most who like basketball, admire successes of Kevin Durant, who is American professional basketball player from the Oklahoma City. He is only 24 but achieved great results in sports. wrote about how Durant spent recentrly his spare time. He was out and about in Miami, relaxing and enjoying his final couple of weeks before the start of the NBA season. As part of his leisure, Durant went to a hookah lounge.

Kevin Durant Smokes Hookah

Do you know what hookah lounge is? Well, it is an establishment where people can sit back and smoke flavored tobacco from a communal waterpipe that is placed at every table.
It is not for the first time when Durant spends his spare time smoking hookah at  hookah lounge. He also was caught in a hookah in Hong Kong in 2012.

Seems like great sporteman smokes, at least sometimes. And people who admire him as an NBA star are sad to discover that fact.

Sure, it is not something that defines him, but it is something that is a part of his  personality that people could not find out simply from listening to him talk basketball.  Fans already know about Durant’s passion for getting tattoos and producing music, donating time and money to charity and  reading the bible, but they did not know about his love to smoke hookah.

Little by little, Durant reveals more about himself as he ages. He is still relatively private, and his growing international popularity and the earning power that comes with that makes it difficult for Durant to be too transparent. However, these are the little things that help sports fans to know the players they watch and admire.

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