Kids with Asthma More Likely Exposed to Secondhand Smoke

by Jenny Novac on October 30, 2013


Researchers in the USA claim that in spite of large health campaigns, still many people are smoking around children. Data from 2003 to 2010, demonstrates that 50% of all kids aged 6 to 19, including those suffering from asthma, have been exposed to secondhand smoke.

According to Academic Pediatrics, for children aged 6 to 11, low secondhand smoke levels were connected to sleeping problems, more missed school days and less physical activity. Karen M. Wilson studies the exposure of kids to secondhand smoke at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora.  She says that the big number of children who inhale cigarettes smoke is a real problem.

Secondhand smoke contains chemicals whivh cause an inflammation in the airways  and it leads to an asthma attack, Less physical activity is hazardous because it increases risks for obesity in kids which aggravates asthma.

In teenagers secondhand smoke was not connected to those negative symptoms.  However, teenagers are more exposured to secondhand smoke as they spend their time with smoking friends.

One more research found that in order to protect kids it is not enough to smoke just in one room of the house. Secondhand smoke did not worsen asthma symptoms in black children, but these kids are exposed to more smoke and have worse symptoms when it somes to asthma,  In the study participated small number of black kids who were not exposed to secondhand smoke, and namely this made it hard to compare nonsmoking and smoking homes.

Wilson thinks that even low level of exposure can have negative effects on the body,The best way to protect kids from smoking is to limit exposure from all sources, including neighboring apartments.

According to the report, during past several years secondhand smoke exposure fell for adults more than for children.  Kids are exposed to secondhand smoke most of all in cars and homes, because in these places smoking is not banned by a policy or law.

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