Kim Jang Hoon Apologises for Smoking

by Jenny Novac on January 26, 2015

Kim Jang Hoon

Korean singer Kim Jang Hoon apologized for smoking on board on a plane.  He explained that he experienced a severe stress when found out that his oversea concerts were cancelled. He had a panic attack and turned to cigarettes in order to relieve from it. Despite serious reasons for lighting up, he brings a public apology for this.

On January 15,  Kim Jang Hoon was caught smoking in the airplane’s toilet on his way from France to Incheon International Airport, South Korea.

The 51-year-old Korean superstar was subjected to a $921 fine for violating aviation safety.

Kim Jang Hoon is known for his donations, worth billions dollars, to poor students and children.

He is actively engaged in social movements, campaigning for Korea’s sovereignty over the disputed islets of Dokdo.

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