Kris Wu Photographed with a Cigarette

by Jenny Novac on January 28, 2015

Kris Wu

Canadian singer and actor of Chinese origin Wu Yi Fan, better known as Kris Wu, was recently photographed smoking a cigarette in a restaurant.

Kris Wu Smoking

On the image he appears not alone, but with his friend. It is clear that in his left hand the singer holds a cigarette. The image shocked the public because whispers go round that Kris has a poor health condition.

The image was made on January 20 by an unknown person who uploaded it on the web. It sparked fans criticisms and outrage immediately. It went viral in a very short time became most debated among fans.

Why the image excited fan’s anger? Kris Wu is 24, a legal age to smoke cigarettes and make other choices, therefore this cannot be a problem. Fans wrote on the web that Kris is suffering from a serious heart disease and they cannot get how he may be indifferent towards his health. A part of them considers that Kris lied about his health condition. Some fans tried to defend him saying it is not a cigarette but a stylus pen for his mobile phone.

By now Kris Wu provided no comments about the image and rumours just remain rumours.

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