Kristen Stewart Quits Smoking to Support Robert Pattinson

by Jenny Novac on November 5, 2012

Is it a smoking ban that has forced celebrities to quit smoking or for somebody’s sake? Kristen Stewart has not been seen with cigarette in photographs since she set herself right with Robert Pattinson. The fact is that the star of Twilling Saga has given up smoking in order to support Robert. Here are the exclusive details on Kristen’s decision to quit smoking.

Smoking Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart smoking a cigarette

It appears that strong love can conquer all! Kristen Stewart has made a decision to kick smoking habit for the love of her boyfriend Robert Pattinson. And it is good news as they will become a cigarette-free couple! According to mass media news, A friend of Kristen’s tells that “Kristen has never been better. She is probably in the best shape of her life and best health, thanks to her love to Robert. She has quitted smoking. She is trying to be as supporting as she can. She has accepted and supports Rob’s decision to quit. Kristen and Rob were seen smoking cigarettes together all the time, but they know how bad smoking made them feel. Kristen does not like smoking electronic cigarette and so she has just quitted and uses no alternative methods.”

Kristen realized that she got rid of smoking habit. On movie sets, it’s really smoking a lot while waiting and there is so much waiting and down time. Kristen feels really good about herself since smoking cessation,” said the friend.

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