Kristen Stewart Spotted Puffing On Cigarette

by Jenny Novac on July 24, 2013

Latest few months were not easy for the actress Kristen Stewart after she split up with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Seems like the actress feels stressed because of this and recently was caught smoking a cigarette during shooting in a new movie called  Camp X Ray.

It is her first movie after Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 release. The new movie is made in Los Angeles and 23-year-old  Kristen Stewart is playing a role of US Marine who is stationed at Guantanamo Bay and becomes friend with a prisoner.

Kristen changed her usual relaxed style on set, wearing jogging bottoms a vest, hoodie and sunglasses as she snuck off for a cigarette break and looked contemplative during smoking.

In the new drama we will see Kristen Stewart in a very unusual role for her. She became famous with the role of high school student turned vampire and we got used to see her romantic image. After Bella Swan in Twilight, with the brunette sported a battered, swollen lip during her break she really needed something new to play.

In Camp X Ray Kristen is wearing full Marine’s uniform and her movie partner is Lane Harrison. Seems like tough guy role suits Kristen perfectlly who is known to not be a fan of the girlie roles.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart

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