Kym Marsh Smoking With Her Daughter

by Jenny Novac on May 12, 2014

Kym Marsh Smoking

There were revealed images with British actress Kym Marsh who was smoking with her 16-year-old daughter Emily Cunliffe.  Kym became popular after ITV’s Popstars in 2001.

The actress, who played in  The Corrie, was caught smoking together with her daughter outside Manchester’s Black Dog Ballroom in April. Kym was dressed in a wonderful little back dress, and on the image you may see her back and a cigarette in her right hand. Her daughter is also in black and you may see her with a cigarette in her mouth.

The 2007 law prohibits young people under 18 to buy cigarettes. Emily is 16 and she has her cigarettes. Moreover, adults are prohibited from smoking in presence of underage people in order to not to be an example for them.

Emily is daughter of Dave Cunliffe, Kym’s ex-boyfiend. Kym and Emily are rarely seen together. Earlier this year Kym offered support to Emily when she accompanied her to Britain’s Got Talent auditions in Manchester.

Recently she twetted about her daughter:

“Wishing my baby all the luck in the world today! Too proud of you emz.”

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