Lindsay Lohan Is Smoking Two Packs of Cigarettes a Day on Liz and Dick Set

by Jenny Novac on June 27, 2012

25-years-old Lindsay Lohan has been working hard on her new Lifetime movie, Liz & Dick, and therefore experienced the stress. A source reported to Us Weekly that the famous actress is smoking two packs of cigarettes per day on the set.

It seems that Lindsay Lohan was smoking a lot in order to cope with her scenes on Liz & Dick movie. She use a lot of cigarettes. Lohan stated smoking each time when the director bawl at her.

Smoking Lindsay Lohan Liz and Dick

Lindsay Lohan looks just like Liz Taylor

A source found out that Lindsay lighted up a cigarette each time she finishes a scene. After the scene was finished, the team said: ‘That’s cut–get a cigarette for Lindsay.’

Lindsay Lohan is channeling Elizabeth Taylor opposite Grant Bowler (Richard Burton) for the role. It is her first lead role since 2009’s Labor Pains.

It seems that not only Lindsay expresses her love for smoking. Recently Hilary Duff was photographed by paparazzi with a cigarette in her hand. Duff said she held a cigarette for her friend. Liam Hemsworth has spotted taking a cigarette or two.

Lindsay Lohan Liz&Dick

Lindsay Lohan taking up a cigarette after a scene with her was finished

The source adds that between the scenes Lohan sat on the director’s chair smoking her cigarettes. “Lindsay was working hard, but it seemed that smoking calmed her down and helped her get through her tiredness and stress.

It is obviously that she got stressed. Her recent problems – car collision and hospital scare, make her to be nervous, but two packs of cigarettes are too much! Smoking two pack a day, Lindsay is likely to become a heavy smoker.

Recently Lindsay wrote in her twitter about her hospital scare. “Note to self.. After working 85 hours in 4 days, and being up all night shooting, be very aware that you might black out from weariness and seven paramedics might come to you… Hopefully they’re cute. Otherwise it would be a real breakdown.”

Liz&Dick Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan continues filming ‘Liz and Dick’ in Los Angeles

Her rep explained to Us, “She slept a little bit before shooting her scene. Producers were distressed for Lindsay when she did not lead out of her room and called paramedics as a precaution. She was never taken to a hospital. She was examined and is fine.”

Possibly, another ‘note to self’ would be reasonable: two packs of cigarettes per day is too much. It looks like that this nicotine addiction is only a solution for a short time.

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