Lindsay Lohan strike a pose while smoking a cigarette

by Jenny Novac on July 13, 2012

On July 9 Lindsay Lohan was caught again smoking a cigarette with her male friend outside a vintage shop. It seemed that the famous smoking celebrity strike a pose intentionally looking as a model.

For this once Lohan had distinguished herself by behaviour again. Instead of trying clothes in a changing room and reckoning dresses there as most customers do, Lindsay tried on clothes and went out. The 26-year-old actress went outside a vintage shop in California on Monday wearing a dress that she appeared to have tried on and smoking a cigarette.

Lilo Smoking

Lindsay Lohan with her friend puffing away on cigarettes

A The Parent Trap star was admiring herself wearing a new dress and looking at a shop window. At the same time she was smoking with her friend who as well was puffing away.

Lindsay looked gorgeous in a long maxi green vintage dress. It is obvious that the star has true taste. It was a stunning look as a new green dress harmonized with the actress’s red hair. Lohan’s summarily dress was in tune with black sandals on high heels and a black summer hat. She completed her summer look with a pair of dark sunglasses

It seemed that the Freaky Friday star really likes cigarettes as she could not wait to have a cigarette, wearing a new dress she was trying on. It is unknown whether she paid for it or maybe she just wanted to check her reflection in the shop window before buying the dress or she simply went out for a smoking break.

It was a low-necked dress that possessed long sleeves, a white all-over floral pattern and a long V-neck that managed to make great display of Lindsay’s décolleté. The dress left too much fresh showing. The Mean Girls actress as well displayed her left leg with by means of a split that was till her thigh.

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