Lourdes Smoking While Celebrating High School Graduation

by Jenny Novac on August 6, 2014

Lourdes Leon

For young people high school graduation is a great event worth to be celebrated in a special way. The change means a new stage in their life and soon they will enter a college or university and become students.

Like other young people, Madonna’s daughter celebrated recently her graduation but in an unusual way for her early age. She decided to do it in France. Being far away from her mother she smoked cigarettes along with her friends!

It is not for the first time when teen Lourdes allows herself to relax like a real adult. Previously she was seen drinking alcohol and now she is spotted smoking cigarettes!

17-years-old Lourdes Leon was sitting on the beach with her friends and smoking, then she went into the water for jet skiing.  Madoona told for many times in interviews that she does not allow her children to smoke. However, Lourdes took the occasion and enjoyed cigarettes being far from her mother. Does Lourdes understand that drinking and smoking at her age is not good?

However, Madonna showed recently a bad example for her daughter when she posed for a magazine with a cigarette.

Lourdes Leon Smoking

Lourdes Leon Smoking


Lourdes Leon Smoking


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