Macaulay Culkin ‘smoking 60 cigarettes a day

by Jenny Novac on May 27, 2013

Worries have started yet for a second time for Macaulay Culkin among reports the stressed actor is smoking as much as 60 cigarettes a day.

Smoking Macaley Culkin

Smoking Macaley Culkin

Pals are apparently seriously worried about the Home Alone star as the consequences of his smoking habit are starting to display.

“He has already breathing problems, his teeth began to be yellow, and close friends are bothered he’s killing himself”, a source told.

Smoking Macaley Culkin

Macaley Culkin holding a cigarette

“He goes over the top with the habit. Practically anytime I see him, he is smoking a cigarette, or holding a cigarette in his mouth and is puffing intensely”, another source said.

A radiation oncologist organized in Florida, Jerome Spunberg, (who has not treated Culkin), told the National Enquirer that the 32-year-old  has “30 times the risk” of dying from the illness related to the smoking than someone who is non-smoker.

Macaley Culkin Smoking

Macaley Culkin smoking a cigarette

The smoking celebrity is also addicted to cognac, beer and energy drinks, say friends.

The Hollywood star has been caught looking sickeningly thin recently and was confused for a vagabond by onlookers in London in April.

Macaulay Culkin Smoking

Macaulay Culkin smoking with painted nails

Sources say these latest problems are the consequence of a breakup with his ex-stripper girlfriend.

“All of this made Macaley be very stressed, and that reasons him to use cigarettes more,” a friend told.

Culkin is apparently living with Pete Doherty, having relocated into the English musician’s apartment in Paris earlier in May.

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