Madonna Poses With a Cigarette

by Jenny Novac on April 16, 2014

Madonna and Lourdes

Recently 55-year-old Madonna posed on a motorcycle in a sexy bra and with a cigarette! What example she gives to her daughter Lourdes Leon?

Let us remember 2012 when Madonna publicly punished her daughter when  15-year-old teen was caught smoking a cigarette in New York.

In the interview with Rock Center’s Harry Smith she told that she dislikes smoking and she does not encourage smoking among youth, especially among her children. Probably, she must be tougher when the talk is about smoking.

However, in this context Madonna forgets about herself permitting a smoke for a photo.The latest one shows the superstar with a half-ashed cigarette in her mouth. Yeah, she is cool with this quiff hairstyle, little makeup and the cigarette!

Madonna With a Cigarette

This week Madonna shared the image on her Instagram writing ‘Feeling A little Butch today! The Girl needs to sleep! #rebelheart #artforfreedom #revolutionoflove.’

When asked about smoking, she said she does not smoke cigarettes.

Today Madonna fans are waiting for a new album, The last album the singer released in 2012.

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