Madonna Smokes a Cigarette on Stage Following Outrage at Fans

by Jenny Novac on January 28, 2013

Madonna smoking cigarettes on stage?

The smoking was not a good step where there is performing and magnificent wigs included!

madonna Smoking

Madonna smoking a cigarette

As Madonna is ending her MDNA tour in South America last week, she triggered quite a stir several days ago when she forced some her Chilean fans stop smoking cigarettes in the area. She declared, quite severely, that if they persisted smoking in the place, she would decline the concert.

Obviously, the ashes turned to dust in a flash, but those same Chilean admirers are rather disturbed after Madonna’s last weekend show in Cordoba. Appears while it was an terrible action of disrespect for her fans to smoke cigarettes near her two days earlier, Madonna herself was permitted to smoke on stage while singing!

It seems that “Queen” makes her own rules. If we have realized anything over the years, we have realized that what a diva wants, a diva gets.

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