Maldives to implement special license to import tobacco

by Jenny Novac on March 29, 2013

A special license to import cigarettes and tobacco products implemented in the Maldives

A modification has been implemented to the regulation and involved in the government gazette which would find the demand of a special license to import cigarettes and tobacco products into the Maldives.


Maldives islands

Deputy Director Centre for Community Health and Disease Control and member of the Tobacco Control Board Hassan Mohamed informed that the modification had been delivered to the President’s Office to be involved in the gazette a few days ago and would simplify the checking of tobacco importers.

“According to this regulation a special license would be demanded and yearly reports would need to be submitted. Before the license is released there are reports that required to be submitted to the Health Ministry as well,” Hassan mentioned.

When the new license becomes effective, new cigarette brands can only be imported after much checks are carried out and reports are submitted, he said.

As outlined by Hassan the regulation will mean the fees and the fines charged if the regulation is broken.

“The regulation will consist of things such as, if an item is smuggled a fine will be charged ten times the item imported,” he said.

The regulation will also mean modifications to the warning on cigarette packs, ban on advertising and prohibition on cigarette deals to those people under 18.

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