Male Celebrities Who Smoke

by Jenny Novac on August 25, 2014

51-years-old Johnny Depp is as attractive as tens years ago. He loves to smoke cigarettes and frequently is seen in a white cloud of tobacco smoke. In one of his latest inteviews he said that he smokes thousand cigarettes a day and wants to increase this number to 10,000!

Johnny Depp Smoking

Simon Cowell is an experienced smoker. In 2013 he told that he will quit after his child’s birth. However, soon he told to People magazine that he lied and he would like to have a smoking room in his house.

Simon Cowell Smoking

Michael Fassbender is another Hollywood actor who adores smoking.

Michael Fassbender Smoking

 Sean Penn is a brilliant actor and is a favorite target of paparazzi. He is not only hot actor but also a political activist, who smokes and does not want to quit. Do you remember how he exchanged an authograpg for cigarettes?

Sean Penn Smoking

Jude Law never hides from paparazzi his smoking habit. Moreover, he often poses with a cigarette in professional photo sessions.

Jude Law Smoking

Daniel Craig, the modern James Bond, is, year, smoker. His favorites probably are Bond cigarettes online. Don’t get upset, ladies, we hope he will quit soon.

Daniel Craig Smoking

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