Many Pregnant Women Smoke in West Virginia

by Jenny Novac on September 23, 2013

pregnant woman is smoking

It is quite hard to imagine that in West Virginia women put health of their babies at risk because a great number of them do smoke cigarettes during their pregnancy.  The statement was provided by Dr. Brenda Dawley who is an associate professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Joan C. Edwards Schools of Medicine at Marshall University.

During her speech at the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources’ Integrated Behavioral Health Conference in Charleston, she said that more than a third of pregnant females in West Virginia smoke cigarettes while being pregnant.

Several years ago, almost 50% of pregnant women were smoking and a drop to 35% shows a slight improvement but these numbers are still alarming. The slight decrease
shows that a lot is to be done in order to prevent most pregnant females from smoking in West Virginia.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calls to pay a serious attention to threats that smoking causes not only to fetus but to his mother too. Females who smoke cigarettes are at higher risks to have a miscarriage. Also specialists talk about sudden infant death syndrome and birth defects in babies.

How to influence pregnant women who smoke?
Here the medical community should work hard in order to convince pregnant females to stop smoking and help them do it with effective available methods. Most appropriate methods include informing future mothers about negative effects of smoking. Brenda Dawley said that in West Virginia are relatively low state taxes on tobacco and here cigarettes cost cheaper than in other states.

Thus everyone may afford to buy cheap cigarettes. She says that in this situation increasing taxes on cigarettes will be most efficient solution. In order to achieve greater results it is necessary to use various anti-tobacco measures which will influence pregnant women and make them refuse from smoking.

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