Mary Berry Smoked At Eight Years Old

by Jenny Novac on January 13, 2014

Mary Berry, the English food writer and television presenter, recent interwiew to Piers Morgan said that at an early age of 8 years old she tried smoking cigarettes with her older brothers.

Mary Berry

The 78-year-old Mary told that all she could smell was grass and she couldn’t say exactly what it was but she disliked its taste and smell.

Hearing that, Piers Morgan said that this allows to suggest Mary may have had a bit of smoking experience and asked her about having a sly spliff. She answered that she never smoked marijuana, only tobacco cigarettes.

“When I was, I suppose about eight or ten, I was with my brothers and we used to have goats, it was in the war, they (the goats) were in a pen, and there was a little hut where the goats were and my brothers and I used to go and smoke there. Only a little try.“

Mary Berry

When Mary was asked about the tragic death of her son William in 1989 who was only 19 years old, she began to cry during this discussion. At the end she said that she and her husband were lucky to have two other children.

“Imagine if you have one child and you lose it. I think it brought us all terribly close together.“

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