Match.Com Survey on Smoking and Dating

by Jenny Novac on January 27, 2014


A recent survey by and Pfizer showed that single smokers may want to consider giving up smoking when they want to find love. 9 respondents out of 10 (89%) told that they prefer not to date someone who smokes. On the question «Which actions were unacceptable on a first date?» the results are following:
– 51% told that smoking
– 45% told that checking one’s phone
– 40% told that being late.

The survey revealed that many smokers try to quit in order to not have ‘smokers breath’ in intimate moments. All of them want to have a better breath.
Bela Gandhi, relationship expert and founder of the Smart Dating Academy told that the secret of successful finding love begins with feeling great about yourself, therefore people want to quit.

Recently these was launched a program called “We Heart Quitters,” to help smokers quit. It is awailable on the web where you may find quit smoking tips and all necessary information   about a non-nicotine prescription treatment option. survey found:
• The top worries about dating a smoker were the smokers’ health (78%), the smell of tobacco on their person (75%) or in their home (80%) and their own personal health (62%).
• 57% of respondents told they would never date a smoker.
• When the talk is about kissing, 78% of respondents told fresh breath is most important; 78% said they are against kissing partner after he has had a cigarette.

A great number of smokers want to quit and all they need to achieve this aim is a strong belief they can do it. It is not easy to quit but today there are so many smoking cessation tools that do really help. A perfect place to start is talking to your health care provider to find out more about these tools, including medications and practical strategies for dealing with smokig desires.

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