Mesut Ozil Photographed Buying Hookah

by Jenny Novac on February 9, 2015

Seems like football superstar Mesut Ozil joins Arsenal’s smoking club after he was caught buying hookah pipe. Recently Arsenal’s goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny was smoking a cigarette in dressing room after his team defeated the game with Southampton. As a result player was subjected to a £20,000 fine for breaking club’s descipline.

Now Mesut Ozil seems to break descipline. Last week the 26-years-old player visited a tobacco shop in London and went out of it with all the smoking gear. Incredible that £42.5million forward who became an icon for millions may do someting like that.

mesut Ozil in Tobacco Shop

Mezut Ozil with Hookah

Earlier his teammate Jack Wilshere was seen holding a pipe in a nightclub.  What is happening with Arsenal players?

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger denied categorically that there is a smoking culture at his Premier League club.  He had a serious discussion last week with Wilshere, and it is already for the third time.

Mesut Ozil’s parents are from Turkey, where hookah makes an important part of the culture. There are different hookah aroms that are inhaled via special pipe. However, the WHO says that one-hour session of smoking hookah equals smoking 100 cigarettes!


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