New Mom Hillary Duff Caught With Cigarette

by Jenny Novac on June 19, 2012

The American actress Hillary Duff was caught by a photographer smoking a cigarette outside a Rock N Reilly’s pub, which is located straight in the heart of the Sunset Strip.

A Pacific Coast News photo agency stated that the new mother of baby Luca has been standing in Los Angeles working off her excess weight through Pilates and healthy eating. Moreover, at that time the actress was seen to curb her appetite with smoking. But it is highly questionable: how can Duff smoke if not long ago she has said about breastfeeding her baby?

Hillary Duff Smoking

Hilary Duff sneaks a cigarette after visiting Rock N Reilly’s pub in Los Angeles

In accordance with La Leche League International (the “Teat Nazis,” as Tina Fey might call them) if a mother smokes cigarettes, she can breastfeed her baby and her baby can get the good of breastfeeding. But the quantity of smoked cigarettes plays an important role for both mother and her child – whether he is breastfed or bottle-fed. It is obvious that the less a mother smokes cigarettes, the less will be health risk for her baby as the nicotine in her milk is small. However, can we say that mothers can continue smoke cigarettes in small quantity hereafter?

La Leche League International considers in evidence studies where maternal smoking has been “linked to early weaning, lowered milk production, and inhibition of the milk ejection reflex,” and where “40 per cent of babies, breastfed by smoking mothers, were rated as colicky (2 to 3 hours of ‘excessive’ crying) in comparison with 26 per cent of babies breastfed by nonsmokers.”

Funnily enough, lately Hillary Duff was questioned about Time’s breastfeeding mom cover and the celebrity said that as she is a mother she can breastfeed anywhere, but would be tactful about it and maybe would not breastfeed in a public place. Duff said that she has a different life where everyone’s gazing at her and where everyone’s staring her and trying to take her photo. She added that she would probably be as advised as possible.

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