More Massachusetts Universities Become Smoke-Free

by Jenny Novac on September 8, 2014

No Smoking

According to The Harvard Crimson, today more and more universities and colleges in the USA become smoke-free and there are less areas for people to smoke their cigarettes. Starting from August 15, Harvard Yard became a tobacco and smoke-free zone. It was the decision of Harvard University’s Director of Health Service.

Though the ban came into action several weeks ago, the effects of it are visible only now, because in September students came to campus from vacations. On campus there was banned use of cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, hookah and even e-cigarettes. On the university area there will placed no-smoking signs to inform everyone about the ban.

This anti-smoking decision puts Harvard University in the list of tens of universities  in the Commonwealth that have prohibited smoking. In July current year the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation released a report in which it told that 20 universities in Massachusetts have prohibited use of tobacco products on their campus.

Recently Emmanuel College, found in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood, established a no smoking policy. Smoker Manuel Adams who prefers Camel cigarettes online, a junior at Emmanuel, understands the reasons for smoking ban, but says it breaks student’s rights because they must make decisions about theur health by themselves.

The new anti-smoking policy aims to provide safe, healthy and comfort environment for students and staff.

When similar ban was proposed in 2013 at Northeastern University it also raised different opinions. However, when the policy was implemented, there was noted the smoking rate drop among students.

Today smoking ban becomes more popular in American cities. Parks, beaches, playgounds and many other public places become smoke-free and polulation welcomes it.

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