Naked Randy Travis tried to buy cigarettes

by Jenny Novac on August 14, 2012

According to Texas police, country superstar Randy Travis went naked into a convenience store to buy cigarettes. However, along with unusual look, the star attracted attention of the police with a strange series of actions. Randy Travis was taken into custody on August 8 after a car crash near Tioga.

Just before the crash, a shop assistant in a Pilot Point convenience store called 911 to say that a naked man had come into the store in order to buy cigarettes.

Naked Randy Travis

Country star Randy Travis walked naked into a Texas convenience store to buy cigarettes.

Clerk Scott Robinson that Travis come in the store and ordered a couple packs of cigarettes, just like anybody could do this, except he was naked. Robinson added that he didn’t realize at the time that the naked man was a famous person.

When a clerk asked how the star was going to pay for cigarettes, Travis become irritable.

Mike Ziyadeh, the store owner, said that Travis is a regular customer and always is normally dressed and well-behaved.

Ziyadeh said that fortunately at the time of the incident nobody was in the store.

Then appeared a second call to 911 in which it was said that a man was lying in the roadway.

Travis was found later by patrolmen who responded to the 911 calls. The star refused to have a blood and breath test.

Travis told the officer he’d quarelled with his girlfriend and was trying to come back to his ranch in Tioga that was about 20 miles away.

According to police, Travis was drunken and had several other signs of intoxication. The officer felt a strong odor of alcohol from the Travis’s vehicle and saw an open wine bottle on the passenger seat.

The patrolman who arrested Travis gave him into custody because he was suspected in driving while intoxicated – a Class B misdemeanor.

Being arrested, Travis threatened to shoot and kill the troopers working the case, police declared.

Therefore, Travis was as well arrested on a charge of retaliation.

A judge granted a warrant of search for a blood sample to be taken at a local hospital.

Travis deposited a pledge of $1,500 for the DWI charge and $20,000 for the retaliation charge was released.

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